Alice! Health Promotion

Alice! Health Promotion - building a healthy environment that supports development and achievement of students and the University community.

Alice! Mission

Recognizing that health is a vital part of learning, Alice! Health Promotion works to create and sustain a healthy University community in which students can achieve their personal and academic goals.

Alice! Goals

Utilizing the Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education, the goals of Alice! are to:
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate culturally competent evidence- and theory-informed health promotion initiatives addressing priority health issues;
  • Ensure the accessibility, accuracy, usability, utilization, efficiency, and sustainability of health promotion initiatives; and
  • Conduct innovative research on health promotion in higher education and convey our results to the world.

Alice! Values

We are committed to the following values in the work we do, the services we provide, and our interactions with students and colleagues:

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Inclusivity
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Balance
  • Continual development

Alice! Work

Alice! Health Promotion seeks to make students and the University community healthier by connecting individuals and groups with information and resources, cultivating healthy attitudes and behaviors, promoting health, supporting policy, and fostering a culture that values and supports health.

We believe that health is vital to learning and we strive to connect our work to the mission of Columbia University. Our work is guided by the Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education and our role is to:
  • Assess the health status of students;
  • Strategically plan to prevent student health issues at all levels of the socioecologial model;
  • Collaborate with students and colleagues across the University to improve the health of the campus community; and
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate theory- and evidence-informed health promotion initiatives.



What is health promotion?

“When prevention works, nothing happens.” - Glen Novak

Health promotion is focused on broad, community-level interventions that help shape the environmental contexts in which people live, learn, love, and work. Health promotion includes policy change, advocacy, adjusting built environments, and coalition building. Much of the work of health promotion happens “behind the scenes” and involves collecting and analyzing data, setting priorities for interventions, assessing and evaluating the progress of programs and services, meeting with key stakeholders and decision-makers, advocating for policies or structural changes that will help improve the health of the population, and implementing health-enhancing initiatives.
Some of the specific health promotion work that Alice! does includes: conducting assessments of student health attitudes and behaviors; analyzing data to determine where our resources can best be utilized to prevent illness and improve student health and learning; meeting with groups of students and the faculty and staff that work with them to determine how to address the health issues most affecting their academic performance; and advocating for policy and programmatic changes that enhance the health of the campus environment.

What is health education?

Health education is one strategy of health promotion and is focused on helping individuals learn and use health-enhancing skills. Health education is often very visible and tangible (i.e., it’s what most health education programs are “known for”), and it may often include educational programs, activities and skill-building group or individual sessions. Health education is part of health promotion, but health promotion is more than health education. Some of the specific health education work that Alice! does includes Go Ask Alice!, a health Q&A Internet resource, Stressbusters, CU Move, and Alice! interactive trainings.

How do I request a training or workshop from Alice! Health Promotion?

Alice! Health Promotion offers a variety of interactive workshops on health-related topics that provide current health information, teach skills necessary to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors, and connect students with appropriate on- and off-campus resources. To request an Alice! training for your student group/organization, classroom, or residence hall, please fill out and submit the Alice! online interactive training request form.

Last updated May 03, 2017