Columbia Health Annual Report

Columbia Health advances the well-being of the Columbia University community and the personal and academic development of students. Our organization includes: Alice! Health Promotion, Counseling and Psychological Services, Disability Services, Medical Services, and Sexual Violence Response.


Last year was one of rapid growth for Columbia Health. Across the organization, services were expanded, highlighting not only the ongoing provision of care to the Columbia community but also the flexibility of Columbia Health to address the changing needs of our student body.

The highlights here illustrate a broad range of programs and impacts that the work of the Columbia Health team has on the University student community. 

  • Columbia Health website redesign project launched, including one-on-one user interviews, hands-on usability tests and student user surveys.
  • Sexual Violence Response awarded a grant by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services to fund survivor care packages.
  • Alice! Health Promotion introduced LIVE WELL. LEARN WELL., aimed at equipping first year students with the knowledge and skills to deal with stressors.
  • Disability Services expanded support to students by offering daily drop-in hours.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services increased support to veteran students by establishing a specialty practice group, specific drop-in hours, and recruiting new specialists to the staff.
  • Medical Services transitioned to an open-access schedule, removing the need to see a nurse prior to a clinician.
  • 46,877 appointments were made at Medical Services with 16,382 unique patients seen - from routine examinations to travel consultations and diagnosis of acute conditions to services like osteopathic manipulation (OMT) and acupuncture.
  • Over 80% of student visits to Medical Services were same day appointments.
  • CUEMS responded to over 1,000 calls.
  • Medical Services administered 17,557 vaccinations; over 8,000 were the flu shot.
  • Over 22,000 students enrolled in the Columbia Health Student Insurance Plan. Our plan has always met, or exceeded, the requirements of New York State and Federal law. The main focus of the plan design is to meet the needs of our students.
  • 2,066 students registered with Disability Services; 18,386 accommodations fulfilled for all types of conditions including physical and learning disabilities to chronic illnesses or injuries.
  • Alice! Health Promotion facilitated over 1,069 workshops, trainings, events, and individual sessions.
  • CPS conducted 34,046 appointments with over 5,000 individual students.
  • Over 30 Columbia Health staff members, across all units, served on University and Community committees, such as the University’s Infectious Disease Working Group, the OMA First Generation Resource Team, and the Inwood/Washington Heights Coalition.
  • 7 Columbia Health clinicians contributed to national journal publications and 13 staff members presented work at a national level including topics on supporting LGBT students, responding to friends in distress, and evaluation of chest pain in young adults.
  • 97% of students visiting CPS were satisfied with the quality of care received.
  • After using CPS, 96% reported a favorable impression of the service, compared to 54% favorable impression before visiting.
  • 100% of Friend 2 Friend participants found the training well organized and the information relevant and clear.
  • 97% of students visiting Medical Services reported being satisfied with efforts to protect their confidentiality and privacy.
  • More than 91% of students are satisfied with the amount of time spent with their Medical Services provider and reported that the provider listened carefully to their concerns.