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Please submit the workshop request form to schedule a workshop. Workshops listed below are available for students of Columbia University, Barnard, and Teachers College. Workshops are divided into three categories: Foundational workshops, CU Step UP! workshops and Next Level workshops. Faculty and staff can request a training by sending an email to

The Workshop Request Form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested date and the location must be reserved and confirmed at least one week in advance.

Programs will be facilitated by SVR student volunteers and/or SVR professional staff.

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Workshop Descriptions

Foundational Level Workshops

These sessions should last one to two hours. The following workshops serve as an introduction to Sexual Violence, bystander intervention, healthy relationships/sexuality, and/or support skills.

  • IMPACT: Facts & Stats of Relationship Violence - Understand the definition and impact of relationship violence and learn how power and control can lead to abuse. Review the prevalence of relationship violence on college campuses.
  • IMPACT: Facts & Stats of Sexual Violence - Understand the definitions and impact of sexual violence and sexual assault. Unpack common myths alongside facts about the impact of sexual violence on college campuses.
  • IMPACT: Facts & Stats of Stalking - Understand the definition and impact of stalking and learn concrete response strategies for someone who is being stalked.
  • Media Literacy in Print - The critical analysis and evaluation of different forms of media that influence a culture of interpersonal and power-based violence.
  • Sexual Harassment: When Professional Development Is Compromised - Many students work, have internships, or field placements in a professional work environment where they strive to meet their professional goals daily. When sexual harassment is occurring in an environment where a lot of time is spent, the ability to have growth and experience well-being can become limited. This session will encourage participants to think critically about sexual harassment and possible ways to respond to sexual harassment.
  • Introduction to Step UP! - Learn about pro-social bystander intervention and understand safe, effective ways to intervene in situations of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and harassment.
  • Relationships, Dates, & Hookups: What’s Healthy, What’s Not? – Learn about healthy relationship behaviors, the definition of sexual violence, and what sexual consent is and is not.
  • Yes and Oh Yeah – Participants are introduced to sexual consent and its role in healthy relationships. Learn how to navigate consent using verbal communication skills and discuss how to keep the conversation going in a fun and clear manner.
  • Consensual Queer – When mainstream models of consent often do not address your needs as someone from the LGBTQ+ community, this discussion will look to address the needs of this community, specifically with a focus on those who identify as queer and/or trans people. In this discussion, you will leave with new models of consent that speak to this specific community lens.
  • Supporting Someone Who Has Experienced Intimate Partner Violence – During this interactive session, participants will examine the behaviors and warning signs that may be indicators of an unhealthy or abusive relationship and understand how to gauge next steps in the event that a relationship becomes violent.  Participants will also learn about different ways to effectively support someone who is in an abusive relationship.

Next Level Workshops

These sessions should last one to two hours. Requesting the following workshops means that you have an introductory level understanding of Sexual Violence, bystander intervention, healthy relationships/sexuality, and/or support skills.

  • Sex, Violence, and Representation: Why Media Matters in Film and Television – Taking a look at film and television ranging from the Dallas Buyers Club to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, participants will engage in interactive discussion about the representation of gender, sexual violence, and consent in the film and TV industries, and how those representations impact our culture and ideas about sex and relationships. Participants will explore ways to think critically about how the entertainment industry can have power over societal trends, either positively or negatively.
  • Advocate Abroad: Responding to Sexual Harassment Abroad – Many Columbia students work and study in countries all around the world, and these students should be well versed in how to manage issues of sexual harassment in their new environments.  This workshop encourages participants to think critically about the intersections of cultural values, sexual harassment, and individual values before they embark on field work in another country.
  • #Cinderella2018: Is she still waiting for her shoe? – How do gender norms affect the way we grew up around family and peers? How do they affect the way we treat each other? Are we unintentionally reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes within our own social circles?  Participants of this interactive session will explore all these questions surrounding gender norms and how they affect individuals of varying identities. Participants will also gain skills to interrupt harmful gender stereotyping so that we can promote a community of gender equity.

Stop What You’re Doing! Bystander Intervention and Intersectionality – Taking a look at a scene from the “Ladies & Gentlemen” episode (Season 1, Episode 7) of the Netflix sensation Master of None, this interactive session explores reasons people do, or do not take action when they witness inappropriate behavior and how multiple systems of oppression can play a part in that decision. Thinking about Dev’s ‘citizen’s arrest’, participants will examine benefits and drawbacks to particular intervention styles.

  • Porn, Porn, Everywhere! – Since the Egyptians, Greeks, and Nomads, we could say that porn has always existed in some shape or form, from the oldest society to the newest YouTube video. The question really is, what do we think about it for ourselves? Through this discussion, we will examine our personal values about pornography and develop a framework for making decisions about pornography consumption.
  • Let’s Talk! About Sex: Do You Know What To Do When? – Sex is a topic that in many cultures is not discussed openly, which can lead to challenges having open and honest communication with a partner. In this interactive session on pleasure, desire, and diverse international perspectives on sexual encounters, participants will explore ways that people communicate about sexual activity and how cultural norms and values influence our communication styles
  • Beyond 50 Shades of Gray: Kink and Consent –The success of the movie "50 Shades of Gray" may be a phenomenon that gives "Twilight" fans a run for their money, but it does not accurately exemplify the world of kink and what mainstream sexual and intimate practices can learn from the kink community. This interactive session will introduce students to how consent works in the kink community, how to identify abuse in a kink relationship, and what we can all learn from the kink community about healthy sexual encounters and relationship.
  • What Can I Do? Empowerment Model to Support Others – Given the high rates of intimate partner, sexual, dating and domestic violence and stalking on college campuses, we may know someone experiencing these forms of violence. This can be a tough situation to deal with and you may not know what to do, how or if you would be able to support someone. In this session, participants will gain practical skills to effectively support a peer or friend who has been impacted by these forms of violence and an in-depth understanding of resources available on campus.
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