ADHD Evaluations

Counseling and Psychological Services provides support for students managing issues related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in an academic environment. We review symptoms, current functioning, and past history of problems with students concerned they might have this disorder or who have been previously diagnosed with it.

This service is available to all students who have paid the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee. To receive an evaluation, schedule an appointment with Counseling and Psychological Services.

Your primary care provider at Columbia Health Medical Services may participate in an interdisciplinary health care team working closely with Counseling and Psychological Services to provide you with the highest quality of care.


No two evaluations are precisely the same. We seek to be as efficient and comprehensive as possible. However, as a first step students typically meet with a psychologist or social worker for a preliminary assessment. Depending on a student’s circumstances, this evaluation may involve:

  • obtaining a detailed account of the student’s current experience, as well as a detailed history of functioning since childhood
  • requests for corroborative information, such as report cards and school records from elementary, middle, and high school
  • information from parents, guardians, or partners
  • standardized questionnaires

Once this evaluation is complete, when clinically indicated, students may be referred to a psychiatrist for a medication evaluation. The information gathered during the preliminary assessment allow psychiatrists to make the most effective use of their time with students.

Students with ADHD or other attentional problems, may make use, as clinically appropriate, of the full range of services at Counseling and Psychological Services, including short-term counseling, time management and procrastination workshops, and medication management. We also assist with referrals for ongoing care, if needed.

Academic Accommodations

Disability Services provides nonclinical consultations to students experiencing academic difficulties related to attention issues or learning difficulties and evaluates all requests for academic accommodations related to the disorder. Students must register with Disability Services for such requests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Attentional issues may create academic difficulties and adversely affect work, social activities, and relationships with friends and loved ones. This is an opportunity to review whether attentional problems stem from ADHD, other factors such as anxiety or stress, or from a combination of factors.

Even if a student is currently being prescribed medication for ADHD by a physician outside of Columbia Health, you will have a careful evaluation process, since situations can change over time. Functioning may improve or worsen with changes in life circumstance and in age. Similarly, the effectiveness of treatment interventions, including medications, may change over time, and need to be reviewed periodically.

If diagnostic interviews prove inconclusive, or raises questions that can best be answered by neuropsychological or psychoeducation testing, Counseling and Psychological Services can assist you with referrals to those off-campus resources.