Statement from Columbia Health Regarding Bias and Violence Against People of Color

Regarding actions for health-related organizations to continue to work to address racial bias and injustice.

Columbia Health
June 03, 2020

The Association of American Medical Colleges recently made several recommendations regarding actions for health-related organizations to continue to work to address racial bias and injustice, some of which we share here.  As an organization, Columbia Health supports these statements; seeks to live the values of respect, compassion, and inclusiveness; and stands in solidarity with the Columbia community as we each continue to work to dismantle individual and institutionalized racism at all levels of society.

  • We must acknowledge and speak out against all forms of racism, discrimination, and bias in our environments, institutions, communities, and society.
  • We must stand in solidarity with the Black community and speak out against unjust and inhumane incidents of violence.
  • We must demonstrate empathy and compassion and acknowledge the pain and grief that the families and the communities of these victims are experiencing.
  • We must take the lead in educating ourselves and others to address these issues head on.
  • We must be deliberate and partner with local communities, public health agencies, and municipal governments to dismantle structural racism and end police brutality.
  • We must employ anti-racist and unconscious bias training and engage in interracial dialogues that will dispel the misrepresentations that dehumanize our Black community members and other marginalized groups.

To accomplish these goals we know we must work at the micro and macro levels. We invite you to stand with us and take action, individually and collectively, to build a more just world.