Patient Portal Enhancements Enable Students to Set Preferred Name, Pronoun, and Gender Identity

Columbia Health
July 08, 2019

Students who use a preferred name other than their legal name can now enter their preference, as well as their preferred pronoun, directly in the Columbia Health patient portal.

There is now an optional field where students can identify and edit their preferred name, gender identity, and preferred pronouns. 

Previously students had to request their preferred name be added to their records. 

This change is an important step in enabling students to maintain their own record and ensure it reflects their identity.

Columbia Health is also working on a real-time integration with the Student Services Online Support and Development (SSOL) system so in the future, students will be able to note their preferred name in SSOL and it will feed to the Patient Portal.

These enhancements come at the heels of additional developments on the patient portal designed to make it easier for students to provide Columbia Health with information that will improve their care on campus and satisfy requirements well before arrival.

New incoming students for the Fall 2019 term will have the ability to input and upload the following directly into the portal:

  • Preferred name, pronouns, and gender identity,
  • personal and family medical history, and
  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella compliance data.

Columbia Health welcomes feedback from all members of the Columbia community to improve our efforts in providing inclusive options for students and facilitate information-sharing between medical providers and their patients. Please email with suggestions or questions.