Dr. Melanie Bernitz, Senior Vice President of Columbia Health featured on Columbia News

Her work supporting the University is highlighted in the article, "How Do You Keep Students, Faculty, and Staff Healthy During a Global Pandemic?"

Columbia News
March 01, 2021

The article reads in part: "Since then, Bernitz—who heads Columbia Health, which is comprised of more than 150 medical providers, therapists, psychiatrists, and specialists dedicated to supporting the Columbia community—has been at the center of the University’s public health response to COVID-19. She was an early leader in pushing Columbia to adopt CDC recommendations regarding face coverings, hand washing, and physical distancing. As March turned into April and beyond, Columbia Health stayed open because some students were still living on campus or in the New York City area. Bernitz’s staff had started COVID testing and seeing patients with COVID infections even as new details and questions about the virus emerged."

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