Hormone Therapy

Students who wish to pursue hormone therapy for gender affirmation (aka hormone replacement therapy) may do so at Columbia Health.  A collaborative team of staff members from Medical Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, GHAP, and the Insurance and Immunization Office is available to support students at different stages of the process.  We are committed to making your experience in beginning hormone therapy supportive, non-judgmental, and reasonably rapid.

Students who have questions about the process, who are wondering if hormones are right for them, or who feel ready to begin may contact the Associate Director of GHAP at ghap@columbia.edu or 212-854-6655 for more information or to get started.

Students who have already initiated hormone therapy elsewhere may consult with their medical provider at Columbia Health for maintenance of hormone therapy, including renewal of prescriptions. Students should bring a copy of their medical records detailing their previous experience with hormone therapy to their Columbia providers.

Students seeking refills are encouraged to connect with their Columbia Health providers in plenty of time before they run out of their prescriptions in order to avoid last-minute emergencies. 

Off-campus resources for hormone therapy are also available.  Students with the Columbia Aetna Student Health Insurance who wish to use resources off campus should first receive a referral from Medical Services in order to be eligible for the full insurance benefit.

Last updated September 08, 2016