For students who have quick or urgent questions, we invite you to meet with a Disability Services (DS) staff member during drop-in hours for an individual 15-minute meeting at the main office located in Wien Hall on the Morningside Campus. Students who stop by the office at times outside of the drop-in hours schedule will be advised to return to DS during drop-in hours or to schedule an appointment.

Common Reasons to Visit DS for Students not Registered with DS

Common Reasons to Visit DS for Students Registered with DS

  • Questions about your exam, note-taking, or housing accommodations
  • Need to discuss exam rescheduling due to a class conflict
  • Difficulty arranging for accommodations with a professor, teaching assistant (TA), or for a class

Our Learning Specialist and Assistive Technology Specialist are NOT available during drop-in hours. Registered students should contact the office to schedule an appointment.

Drop-in Hours (Days and Times)

Spring 2018 Schedule-effective Monday, January 8th 2018 through Monday, April 30th 2018:

Mondays:            2pm-4pm
Tuesdays:           2pm-4pm
Wednesdays      2pm-4pm
Thursdays           2pm-4pm
Fridays                10am-12pm
There will not be drop-in hours  Monday, March 12th through Friday, March 16th 2018. Please contact us at or 212-854-2388 for assistance.

Please note the listed drop-in hours are contingent upon the availability of DS staff. Drop-in hours will not be held outside of these time periods. In the case of inclement weather, it is best to contact DS to inquire as to the availability of drop-in hours for that day.

When to Come in During Business Hours

You do not need to meet with a DS staff member for the following; submitting or picking-up these forms can be done during regular business hours:

Last updated January 09, 2018