Drop-in Counseling

During the academic year, Counseling and Psychological Services has evening drop-in counseling hours Mondays through Thursdays in residence halls and academic buildings on campus. These offices are available to all Columbia students who have enrolled in Columbia Health.  

Drop-in offices offer the opportunity for students to meet with CPS counselors without an appointment, when immediate support, resources or referrals are needed.

The following drop-in offices are available to undergraduates with swipe access to residence halls:

  • Carman Hall, Room 100
  • Hartley Hall, Room 115
  • Broadway Residence Hall, Room 102
  • East Campus, Room 210

The following residence hall office is available to both undergraduate and graduate students:

  • 600 W. 113th St., Room 2BB
  • Intercultural Resource Center, 552 W. 114th Street
  • Lerner 5th Floor

CPS also has a drop-in office located at Jerome Greene Hall, with services available to Law School students only.

You are welcome to come to a CPS drop-in office during the hours listed on the website. These offices operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so you may have a brief wait if the counselor is with another student.

Check the schedule for drop-in offices and accessible routes.


I have ongoing appointments with a CPS clinician; can I still go to a drop-in counseling office in between sessions?

If you have a concern that needs to be addressed before your next meeting with your CPS provider, you are welcome to go to a drop-in counseling office.

Is confidentiality at a drop-in counseling session as strict as a scheduled appointment?

Yes. We maintain very strict standards of confidentiality in our clinical services, including drop-in counseling office sessions.

Last updated November 22, 2017