Peace and Presence

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Peace and Presence is a Columbia Health SVR mindfulness series of diverse holistic wellness workshops for students. These sessions will explore non-verbal and experiential healing techniques, self-calming tools, and guide participants in incorporating mindfulness into one's daily life.   

Peace and Presence is an initiative that introduces diverse holistic wellness tools and techniques for survivors of trauma to experience and adapt to their own wellness needs. The program envisions a space where participants feel held, understood without having to explain themselves, and given space to breathe and connect in profoundly spiritual and experiential ways. Through its multi-faceted approach to mindfulness, movement, and nurturing of one’s body, this program hopes to aid survivors to recognize and cherish their innate capacity to transcend trauma while being connected to a caring community of allies. 

On Demand

Below are pre-recorded videos of Peace and Presence programs.

Trauma-Informed and Restorative Yoga

Through an invitational and gentle series of yoga exercises with research-backed benefits to survivors of various traumas, participants explore the resilience of their bodies, experiencing ways to reinhabit their bodies safely, calm their minds, experience emotions directly, and begin to feel a sense of strength and control.

Video: Peace and Presence: Trauma-Informed and Restorative Yoga

Drawing and Language

Poetry, music, body awareness, and expressive ideas will be brought into the workshop, as points of inspiration and reliable healing properties, which one can call upon for ongoing healing. For this workshop, we invite participants to gather paper and anything else they would like to draw with before class (i.e. pens, pencils, markers, crayons, or paint).

Video: Peace and Presence: Drawing and Language