Invisible and On Stage Podcast

A podcast dedicated to Black students and racism in academia

Every day, both inside the classroom and out, many Black students struggle against stereotype threat, alienation, and impostor syndrome. How do these microaggressions, as well as more overt forms of systemic racism, erode an individual’s emotional well-being? How do daily experiences with racism deteriorate one's identity and sense of community?

Host Dr. Keoshia Worthy, licensed psychologist at Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) explores these questions with guests who share their personal experiences both as Black professionals and students, as she reflects on her own journey as a Black woman in academia.

Provoking open and informed conversations around racism-related stress, identity, and community, Invisible and On Stage applies a psychosocial lens to the Black student experience – and investigates the insidious ways that racism harms mental health.


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On Dr. Worthy's background and why she decided to start this podcast.

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Episode 1

"Developing Compassion in Places Where You Don't See Yourself" with guest Brence Pernell.

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Episode 2

"Ways to Improve the Black Experience in a PWI and Beyond" with guest Judge Monique Walker.

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Episode 3

"Impostor Syndrome and the Black Experience" with guests Dr. Donte Bernard and Dr. Tracie Lowe.

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Episode 4

"Being Black in Corporate America" forthcoming

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Episode 5

"A History of African-Americans" forthcoming

About the host

Dr. Keoshia Worthy is a licensed psychologist who joined CPS in 2019. Her professional interests include providing support and care for students who are coping with trauma, addiction, racial/identity concerns, and working with athletes, LGBTQ and first- generation students. Full bio.

Although the podcast is intended to provide support, it is not a replacement for psychotherapy. If you are interested in counseling services and are a Columbia University student on Morningside campus, please call 212-854-2878.


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