Columbia Health Patient Digital Resources

Below are handouts designed to be provided to students post-visit, either via secure messaging and/or given to the student as a printout.

  • Aetna Student Health Insurance Hub - View your benefits and claims; find a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy; download your insurance ID, and more.
  • Aetna Mobile App - Quickly and easily access key information from your phone, including your Aetna ID card. Get cost estimates on doctors and procedures; manage your benefits and review and pay claims; find local doctors and facilities.
  • Download your insurance ID card - Enter your UNI and date of birth.

To fill a prescription

Your Columbia Health provider will electronically send your prescription to a nearby pharmacy of your choice. Make sure you have your insurance card or the Aetna Health app with you when you pick up your medication and expect to pay your pharmacy co-pay.

  • Coping Tools Resources - digital services, mobile apps, and online resources for help managing late-night or weekend distress