Alice! Health Promotion Guide to Grocery Shopping

Before you go grocery shopping...

  • Plan your meals ahead of time. Don't forget about healthy snacks! Check out the Alice! Health Promotion Meal Planner for some tips.
  • See what items you currently have in stock by checking your refrigerator and pantry, then making a list of ingredients you still need.
  • Eat before you shop. If you arrive hungry, you may be more likely to purchase unnecessary items!

Save more at the store…

  • Check out store flyers for any sales or coupons on items you need. You can also join your store's loyalty program for special offers and discounts!
  • Look up and down for savings: Stores often stock the priciest items at eye level, so check out upper and lower shelves, too!
  • Most store-brands often cost less than name-brands, so check out the different options before buying.
  • Grab from the back: Stores typically stock shelves from back to front, placing the newest and the freshest items behind the older ones.
  • If you’re able, purchase non-perishable items in bulk, which may be sold at a lower cost.
  • Choose fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. You can also try buying them canned or frozen to save some money.
  • Pre-cut and instant items may be convenient, but they can also be more expensive than those that require prep time. Try opting for the whole items instead!


Download the Alice! Guide to Grocery Shopping