Accommodation Letter Request Form

Accommodation letters issued by Disability Services (DS) are for undergraduate students only to inform professors of your registration with DS. Graduate students must contact their school’s Disability Services Liaison prior to or during the first week of classes to begin the process of notifying faculty (in lieu of accommodation letters).

Accommodation letters provide formal notification of your registration with Disability Services and your eligibility for specific accommodations.

Undergraduate students registered with DS must notify their professors of their accommodation needs by providing them with an Accommodation Letter signed by a Disability Services coordinator.

In order to receive accommodations for their classes, students are required to present each of their professors with an Accommodation Letter for signature and return the signed copy to Disability Services. Professors may wish to discuss the accommodations recommended in the Accommodation Letter with Disability Services. Final determination of accommodations is made after such consultation.

Accommodation Letters/Faculty Notification Process:

  1. Submit the Undergraduate Accommodation Letter Request Form to DS prior to or during the first two weeks of each semester
  2. Approximately two business days later DS will email you with your Accommodation Letters attached to the email
  3. Print an Accommodation Letter for each professor in order to have a discussion regarding the provision of accommodations and for them to sign it
  4. Return signed letters to DS

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Last updated November 02, 2017