What You Need to Know about CPS

Counseling and Psychological Services, part of Columbia Health, is here to support your wellbeing. Part of a diverse and broad community, we are just one of the many resources available at Columbia University.

If you are thinking about reaching out for support, do it. Our team is here to help you.

Make an Appointment

  • To make an appointment, call (212) 854-2878.  A CPS staff member will contact you to assess your needs. This is an important first step to help CPS understand the scope of your concerns and to also match you with a clinician. During this call, an in-person appointment will be made.
  • The initial phone appointment is vital to help ensure that students who need immediate care are seen quickly.
  • CPS has a diverse staff with a broad range of clinical experience. If you don’t “click” with your CPS clinician you can simply request to see a different person when making your next appointment. Review a full list of staff bios or specialty teams.


  • When calling (212) 854-2878 after-hours, you will reach a trained mental health clinician who can assist you in determining how to immediately handle your current situation. These clinicians are familiar with and can connect you to Columbia resources.


  • While there is no specific limit on sessions at CPS, services are designed to focus on short-term care. This is so that we can ensure rapid access to care and help you quickly identify strategies to address your concerns. If you want or need more specialized or intensive care, you will be referred to an outside clinician who has been carefully screened by CPS.
  • If referred to an outside clinician, CPS will try to help you identify a suitable and cost-effective outside resource. Most insurance plans will require a co-pay when seeing an in-network clinician.


  • All students who pay the Health and Related Services Fee can access CPS, regardless of your health insurance plan. 

Other CPS Resources

  • In addition to after-hours phone support, CPS has a numerous drop-in locations at convenience on-campus locations. See a current list of locations and hours.
  • CPS offers more than just individual counseling.  Skills-based workshops, group therapy, and outreach programs are all available. See a full list of services offered. Psychiatric consultations for medication are available for students who might benefit from this form of treatment.
Last updated January 27, 2017