The Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan is not an ACA Exchange plan.  If ACA is overturned our plan continues as is.If you have an ACA exchange or other plan and lose coverage, you can petition to enroll in the Columbia Plan.  You have 31 days from the end of your other coverage to complete the petition.The Columbia Plan has always met or exceeded the benefits required by New York State and Federal Law.Columbia University negotiates plan benefits based on the needs of the 20,000+ students enrolled in the plan.  The needs of our students will always be the focus on plan benefits.Most of the ACA-required benefits were in the Columbia Plan before required by law.  Ensuring good coverage through comprehensive benefits supports student success.  The Columbia Plan does not and will not have pre-existing condition exclusions.  ACA changes would not impact this part of our plan.Columbia University has required student to have insurance long before the ACA individual mandate.  We do this to ensure unexpected health care needs and costs are not a barrier to pursuing your education.Columbia Health is committed to supporting your well-being and success.  Any changes in ACA do not change our mission.

Last updated January 30, 2017