The choice to be sexually active is unique to the individual. The majority of Columbia students take active steps to protect their sexual and reproductive health by: limiting the number of sexual partners, using barrier methods to prevent sexually transmitted infections, using barrier methods or hormonal contraception to prevent pregnancy, and more.

Sexual and reproductive health resources include access to free safer sex supplies (female and male condoms, dental dams, lubricant, and information). There are a number of locations where free safer sex supplies are available to students on the Morningside campus. Check the Columbia Health Safer Sex Supplies map for locations, hours and directions to safer sex supplies.

You may find these supplies at:

  • Medical Services (4th floor of John Jay Hall)
  • Sexual Violence Response (7th floor of Lerner Hall)
  • Alice! Health Promotion (3rd floor of John Jay Hall)
  • Disability Services (1st floor of Wien Hall)¬†

In addition, the Gay Health Advocacy Project (GHAP) offers free and confidential HIV antibody testing to the entire Columbia community and arranges treatment and support for HIV-infected students. GHAP also provides information about transmission, treatment, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections and peer counseling around issues of sexuality.

Medical Services also provides an array of sexual and reproductive health services including well-woman examinations, birth control, pregnancy options counseling, STI testing and treatment, and much more!

Be sure to check out the Sexual and Reproductive Health Q&As on Go Ask Alice!, birth control education sessions, and support for student group trainings and programming requests.

Last updated April 04, 2016