Schedule an Appointment

For more information on how to make an appointment for a medical or mental health concern, use the links below. To make an appointment with one of our programs or administrative offices, please contact each office directly.

Counseling and Psychological Services Appointment

Students who are interested in meeting with a counselor should call Counseling and Psychological Services at (212) 854-2878.

Medical Services Appointment

Students have the option of scheduling an appointment:

Disability Services Appointment

Whether you are registered with Disability Services (DS), considering registering with DS, or are a prospective Columbia student seeking further information about DS, we welcome you to meet with a DS staff member.  In order to do so, refer to the following summary explaining how you can meet with a DS staff member:

Students Registered with Disability Services:

  • Contact your Coordinator directly with any questions or concerns
  • If your Coordinator is unavailable and the matter is urgent, you may attend DS Drop in Hours located in Wien Hall
  • Contact DS to schedule an appointment with a DS Learning Specialist or Assistive Technology Specialist

Students Not Registered with Disability Services:

  • Disability Services holds Drop-in Hours in Wien Hall
  • Contact DS via email or phone

Prospective Columbia Students:

  • If you are visiting campus, please contact DS to arrange accommodations for your visit or to schedule an appointment to meet with a DS staff member to learn more about our services.

To Schedule an appointment at the CUMC Campus:

Contact DS via email or phone at the CUMC campus location

No Appointments Needed:

Submitting or picking-up the following forms can be done during regular business hours. Some of our forms are available online:

  • Submitting or picking-up the following forms can be done during regular business hours. Some of our forms are available online:

Sexual Violence Response Appointment

Students who are interested in meeting with a Peer Advocate should call Sexual Violence Response at (212) 854-HELP/4357.

Alice! Health Promotion

Alice! staff are available to talk with students about their health questions and how to access on- and off-campus resources. Alice! respects and protects the privacy of all conversations.**

Alice! seeks to connect students with information and resources to make informed decisions regarding a broad range of health-related topics. Our focus is helping individuals develop the knowledge and skills to support in the achievement of personal and academic goals. Conversations are solution-oriented and not about therapy or giving advice.
  •     Examples of conversations include:
  •     Understanding the range of birth control options
  •     Accessing resources regarding coping with stress
  •     Concerns regarding a friends alcohol or other drug use
  •     Strategies to improve sleep quality
  •     Strategies to improve time management
  •     Understanding a new medical diagnosis
Appointments are generally available between 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  Earlier and later appointment times may be available on a case by case basis. Students may call Alice! to schedule an appointment at (212) 854-5453. If you prefer, Alice! also offers drop in hours.

Students needing assistance with BASCIS appointments should use the BASICS online system to self-schedule or call for assistance.

**To protect student privacy and comply with state and federal legislation, individual discussions cannot be facilitated via email or social media platforms.


Last updated December 08, 2017