Primary Medical Care

Medical Services, a part of Columbia Health, provides a full range of services on campus, including the following:

Students can schedule an appointment with their designated Primary Care Provider (PCP) to receive any of these services available at Medical Services.


How do I make a medical appointment?

Use our secure appointment portal, Open Communicator, to make an appointment online, or call us at (212) 854-7426.

Where is Medical Services located?

Columbia Health Medical Services is located on the 4th floor of John Jay Hall.

How is my Medical Services Provider assigned?

Your Medical Services Provider is randomly assigned to you when you first enroll at Columbia University.  However, you are welcomed to change your health care provider whenever you like simply by informing our front desk staff.

How do I get a prescription refilled?

Getting a prescription refilled depends on whether you’ve already been seen here and the type of medication you need.  If you are a new patient, first make an appointment with Medical Services for an evaluation. Returning patients can refill prescriptions by calling (212) 854-7426 or go online and send your health care provider a secured message with your request. 

Some prescriptions require visits with your Medical Services provider for renewal—make an appointment ahead of time to ensure you don’t run out of medications.

What do I need to do to get vaccines?

First, know which vaccine(s) you need. Based on this information, you can either be seen directly at John Jay Hall, 4th Floor or make an appointment for an evaluation.

To make your appointment, schedule it via Open Communicator and select “vaccinations”. Follow the steps listed to identify if you need a nurse or a physician appointment. You can also call (212) 854-7426 to schedule an appointment or come see us at John Jay Hall, 4th Floor to make an appointment in person.

Last updated October 28, 2014