The Medical Services laboratory is able to provide many tests onsite such as urinalysis, rapid strep, pregnancy and flu. Other tests ordered by your provider, including most blood work, are sent to an outside lab. The results return to your Medical Services provider who will contact you through a secure web message.


All students who have paid the Columbia Health Fee are eligible to use the Medical Services lab. There is no cost to students who have enrolled in the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan. Students with outside insurance, for example those who remain on their parents’ insurance, will receive a bill sent to the primary insurance holder and can submit that bill to their own insurance provider.

Getting Started

Medical Services providers who request lab tests will have the student proceed to the lab on the third floor of Medical Services in John Jay Hall. Check the lab hours which vary during the academic term and summer recess. 

If lab tests are requested by an outside provider, we encourage students to have the specialist draw the labs or schedule a visit with an in-network facility that is covered by your insurance. 


Monday - Thursday:  10am-5pm 

Friday:  9am - 4pm


Monday - Thursday:   9am - 4pm

Friday:   9am - 3pm


Does Medical Services offer x-rays and lab work?

We perform some lab work at Medical Services in John Jay Hall, other tests are sent out for processing. If you need an X-ray, your Medical Services provider will refer you to Westside Radiology or Columbia Doctors on West 51st Street. Once results are available, we will follow up with you.

How does the Medical Services Laboratory work with my PCP or my outside specialist?

Students need lab work when the results will help our Medical Services staff evaluate the illness. At times, outside specialists who you have seen may request additional lab tests. These samples can be taken at the Medical Services Laboratory and results sent to both your Medical Services provider and the outside specialist.

Last updated May 10, 2017