Students have the option of scheduling an appointment in three ways, with most students using the online system.

Medical Services representative can be reached 24/7 via (212) 854-7426.

How to Schedule an Appointment Online

All of our students have a designated health care provider, also called a Primary Care Provider (PCP), who works within a team of nurses and support staff (practice group) and are here to help them. Open Communicator is the secure online portal for students to access Medical Services and are automatically eligible to access Open Communicator after paying the Columbia Health Fee and activating their Columbia UNI.

Note: Some students at affiliated institutions will have to be entered manually into the system before they are able to access Open Communicator. If you feel you are eligible, but are having difficulty accessing the secure site, please call Medical Services for assistance.

When logged into Open Communicator, students are able to schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments, complete a pre-visit questionnaire, change their PCP, print out immunization records, send a secure message to a provider or nurse, or request a prescription refill. New features are being added all the time, and students are encouraged to become familiar with this site and to check back frequently.

Scheduling an Appointment

On-line appointments are strongly encouraged so that Medical Services staff may be sensitive to any time constraints. It is also helpful if you provide basic information about the reason for your intended visit (e.g., stomach pains, headache, travel assessment, pregnancy screening, prescription refill). We will work with you to arrange an appointment with your regular provider.

Everyone is assigned a Medical Services provider or PCP. The assignment process is random and is done by computer. You can change your provider at any time. If you know your PCP, or if you wish to change your provider, please let the person scheduling your appointment know.

Arriving for Your Appointment

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment and go directly to the designated practice group location.


Last updated February 19, 2018