Alice! staff are available to talk with students about their health questions and how to access on- and off-campus resources. Alice! respects and protects the privacy of all conversations.**

Alice! seeks to connect students with information and resources to make informed decisions regarding a broad range of health-related topics. Our focus is helping individuals develop the knowledge and skills to support in the achievement of personal and academic goals. Conversations are solution-oriented and not about therapy or giving advice.

  • Examples of conversations include:
  • Understanding the range of birth control options
  • Accessing resources regarding coping with stress
  • Concerns regarding a friends alcohol or other drug use
  • Strategies to improve sleep quality
  • Strategies to improve time management
  • Understanding a new medical diagnosis

Appointments are generally available between 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  Earlier and later appointment times may be available on a case by case basis. Students may call Alice! to schedule an appointment at 212-854-5453. If you prefer, Alice! also offers drop in hours.

Students needing assistance with BASICS appointments should use the BASICS online system to self-schedule or call for assistance.

**To protect student privacy and comply with state and federal legislation, individual discussions cannot be facilitated via email or social media platforms.

Last updated August 15, 2014