Event Planning and Accommodations

Columbia University policy requires that University programs be accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. All on and off-campus University sponsored events for students must be held in a wheelchair accessible venue, approved by Disability Services (DS). It is the responsibility of the sponsoring department or student group (event planner) to ensure that the event is accessible and that all reasonable requests for accommodations are met.

Planning an Event

This information is intended to serve as a guide for student groups, faculty, staff, sponsoring department (event planners) who are hosting an on- or off-campus event to ensure their event is welcoming to people with disabilities.

Venue Accessibility Requirements

Event planners are responsible to complete and submit the Venue Accessibility Survey to Disability Services for all off-campus events at least 5 business days prior to the event.

Important Reminders to Ensure Maximum Accessibility for Planning Campus Events

  • Notify Public Safety of your event held on-campus. Some event locations may require ID card authorization for accessibility purposes, requiring advanced Public Safety support.
  • Use the following language on all announcements including emails, printed materials, websites: "Columbia University makes every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities. If you require disability accommodations to attend an event at Columbia University, please contact Disability Services at (212) 854-2388 at least 10 days in advance of the event.”
  • Be aware of wheelchair accessible routes to the event location and the physical accessibility of the building, including identifying nearby accessible restrooms. Refer to the Morningside Disability Access Map and CUMC Disability Access Map to help identify campus accessibility.
  • Disability Services is available to provide further guidance in planning events. Contact Disability Services at 212-854-2388 or access@columbia.edu with questions or concerns regarding your event.
Last updated June 22, 2017