During the Academic Year

Columbia Health offers drop-in hours for HIV antibody testing through GHAP, five days a week in John Jay Hall.

  • No appointment is required.
  • Results are ready the following day.
  • Students can contact GHAP, (212) 854-6655, to arrange for HIV testing at times other than the drop-in hours or for additional questions

Drop-In Procedure

At GHAP, we care about your privacy. At the reception desk on the third floor of Columbia Health in John Jay, fill out the card labeled "We Care About Your Privacy" and write a first name (whatever name you want to be called) at the bottom. Indicate whether you are here: 

  1. to get a test;
  2. to pick up results for a test you had previously; or
  3. for another reason, by checking the appropriate response.

Then, give the form to a Patient Services Assistant behind the desk. Have a seat in the reception area and wait for an Advocate to call your name.

Last updated August 10, 2015