If this is an emergency, please contact local enforcement, Columbia Public Safety or go to the nearest emergency room.

New York City Police Department
Emergency:  911

Columbia University Public Safety
(212) 854-2797
Emergency: (212) 854-5555

Medical Center Public Safety
(212) 305-8100
Emergency: (212) 305-7979

St. Luke's Roosvelt-Hospital
1111 Amsterdam Ave. at 114th Street
General Line: (212) 523-4000
Emergency Room: (212) 523-3335
Psychiatric Emergency Room: (212) 523-3347


If you are uncertain whether this is an emergency, contact Medical Services at (212) 854-7426. Urgent medical concerns are prioritized by Medical Services.

After-hours please contact (212) 854-7426. Your concern will be assessed by a telephone triage specialist, and recommendations for care will be provided.

Emergency Contraception is also available at Medical Services. Please check our Service pages for additional information about options and how to obtain EC on or off campus.

Mental Health

**CUMC students, please contact the CUMC Student Health Service for emergencies

Urgent medical or mental health concerns are prioritized by the medical and counseling services of Columbia Health. Columbia students may reach us by calling 212-854-2878.

For after-hours mental health concerns, please contact the clinician-on-call at (212) 854-9797. Your concern will be assessed by a telephone triage specialist, and recommendations for care will be provided.

For immediate psychiatric care, students may also go directly to the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Room at 113th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, (212) 523-3347.

Sexual Assault

If you have been sexually assaulted, please contact Columbia University Department of Public Safety at (212) 854-5555 (4-5555 on-campus phone) or the New York Police Department at 911 (off-campus phone).

Personal Safety: If you are being stalked, threatened, or have concerns about your personal safety, you can contact the Columbia University Department of Public Safety by calling (212) 854-5555. Public Safety also provides an escort service for the Columbia University Campus, which can be requested by calling (212) 854-SAFE.

Additional Support

Contact a Peer Advocate at (212) 854-HELP who will discuss the options for reporting and/or seeking medical help and who can accompany students to on- and off-campus resources.

If students are in a relationship that is abusive, contact Sexual Violence Response for information and support at (212) 854-HELP

What to do if you've been sexually assaulted

What to do if you're experiencing intimate partner violence

What do if you are being stalked


The ambulance service (known as CU-EMS) is available on the Morningside campus 24 hours a day and can be reached by dialing (212) 854-5555.

On-campus ambulance service is available, free of charge, and provides pre-hospital emergency medical care and transport to the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital ER.


Last updated June 05, 2014