Attendance and Course Deadlines for Students with Disabilities

All students, regardless of disability status, are expected to adhere to the attendance and assignment deadline policies established by course instructors.

Disability Services suggests that students for whom attendance is a concern, particularly those who may experience an acute episode of a chronic condition, work closely with their academic advisor to review course attendance requirements in advance.

Should a student be unable to adhere to the established policy for a disability-related reason, the student must submit current medical documentation to Disability Services that specifically indicates the effect that the student’s disability had upon course attendance and/or participation during a specific period of time.

While Disability Services cannot mandate that an instructor waive an essential course requirement, such as attendance, Disability Services can verify a change in the student’s medical or disability status. The role of Disability Services is to provide professors with information to assist them in making an informed decision about altering course policies and/or deadlines. Therefore, Disability Services does not provide attendance waivers as a disability accommodation.

Last updated April 22, 2014