Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

Whether you are registered with Disability Services (DS), considering registering with DS, or are a prospective Columbia student seeking further information about DS, we welcome you to meet with a DS staff member.  In order to do so, refer to the following summary explaining how you can meet with a DS staff member:

Students Registered with Disability Services:

·    Contact your Coordinator directly with any questions or concerns
·    If your Coordinator is unavailable and the matter is urgent, you may attend DS Drop in Hours located in Wien Hall
·    Contact DS to schedule an appointment with a DS Learning Specialist or Assistive Technology Specialist

Students Not Registered with Disability Services:

·    Disability Services holds Drop-in Hours in Wien Hall
·    Contact DS via email or phone

Prospective Columbia Students:
·    If you are visiting campus, please contact DS to arrange accommodations for your visit or to schedule an appointment to meet with a DS staff member to learn more about our services.
To Schedule an appointment at the CUMC Campus:
·    Contact DS via email or phone at the CUMC campus location
No Appointments Needed:
·    Submitting or picking-up the following forms can be done during regular business hours. Some of our forms are available online:
o    Registration Forms
o    Verification of Disability Forms and/or other Disability Documentation
o    Testing Accommodation Request Forms (TARF)
o    Other forms

Last updated March 12, 2014